You Guessed Right!

Sinclair Distillery will from time to time, collect PI (Personal Information) from you.

Sinclair Distillery is committed to ensuring that the collection, retention, use and disclosure of the PI you provide (i.e. information which is collected and identifiable as relating to you personally) complies with all applicable legal requirements and that there is no act or practice that interferes with your privacy rights.

All possible steps are taken to ensure that any PI you provide online through our web site ( or our facebook site ( is not disclosed to or accessed by unauthorised persons and is used only for the purpose for which you have provided it.

When is PI Collected?

Sinclair Distillery will collect PI about you at various times including when you register or subscribe on-line for goods or services we offer or if you enter a competition or complete a survey or forward any comments/questions to Sinclair Distillery.

Why Do We Do it?

We collect PI for a variety of reasons including, in particular, to enable us to improve the nature of the goods and services we provide and to more accurately market our goods and services and research our customers. We will NOT email you details of promotions and special offers. So, there will never be a need to ‘opt out’ from receiving any further marketing or promotional material from us.

We may also use PI to identify you to establish purchases within the system or to enable us to address your expectations of us in respect of how

Do We Give Your PI To Anyone?

Sinclair Distillery will only use the PI you provide to us through the web site or Facebook site for the purpose for which it was provided and directly related purposes and in the normal business operation and marketing of goods and services offered on the web site and Facebook site.  Sinclair Distillery may disclose PI about you in some circumstances.  Sinclair Distillery may disclose your PI to third party contractors and service providers who help us to operate these online resources and provide a service to you.  Sinclair Distillery may also share your PI with its related bodies corporate to help us ensure that your PI remains up-to-date and complete and so that we may better understand and meet your needs and interests. We will not give your PI to any other third parties without your prior consent. The only exceptions to this are when we are required to disclose the information by law or to protect our rights, safety or property. When we have to send your PI to contractors or service providers to carry out work on our behalf, or to related bodies corporate, we require these organisations to comply with this privacy policy and, in certain situations, require a confidential undertaking to protect your PI. We will not permit others to use your information beyond what is necessary to assist us and wherever possible they will be required to provide a confidentiality undertaking to protect your PI.

Can You Gain Access To Your Own PI?

If you would like details of the PI that we hold about you in order to update it or for any other reason please forward a written request to our Marketing and Media team at [email protected]. Reasonable administrative costs may be charged in some circumstances to administer this service. You will be required to satisfy identity validation procedures to prove that you and the individual requesting the PI are one and the same.

Contacting Us Is Easy:
E-mail: [email protected]

Want to complain?

If you are not happy in respect of how we have dealt with your PI or in gaining access to it, you should firstly contact our Marketing and Media Team (refer above contact details) to discuss your concerns. Parents of minors should contact our Marketing and Media Team if they want PI deleted that has been provided by their children. Then, if you are still not satisfied, you should contact the Office of the Federal Privacy Commissioner – Privacy Hotline on 1300 363 992 or visit their website for further direction and assistance.

A Provision you should be aware of

This Privacy Statement may be amended from time to time by us at our sole discretion and variations will become effective at the time of posting.  Sinclair Distillery is not responsible for any unauthorised use of or access to the PI provided.

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This website may contain links to third party websites for your convenience and information as well as it improves our search engine optimisation so you can find us easier. When you access one of these third party linked sites, Sinclair Distillery is NOT responsible for the privacy practices of that website. The web site links will be stockists and other fun social media platforms Urban Jungle folk use. Please review the privacy policy for each site you visit and have a great day, well done for reading to the end!