Black Velvet 740ml, 20% ABV


Australians love coffee, it kickstarts our day, grants a ritual moment, and drives our senses to a unique sharpness that brings alert thought and focus.

Our vision for Black Velvet was to create a rich and smooth coffee liqueur for those that want to keep their day or night alive while delighting their senses in a blissful way.

Using a blend of ethically and sustainably sourced South American Arabica Coffee beans that give natural sweetness, chocolate, and hazelnut tones we then add Ethiopian and Papua New Guinea Arabica coffee beans for depth of body and citrus notes.

Roasted locally and combined with pure vanilla and cocoa our Black Velvet on ice, a White Russian, an Expresso Martini, or perhaps a little splash on Ice Cream is simply irresistible.


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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 39.5 × 13.2 × 105 cm